Normal or High Risk Pregnancies

Whether your pregnancy is normal with and complications are not anticipated or your pregnancy is one that will require extra attention and care, the physicians here at Women to Women obstetrics and gynecology are prepared to handle your pregnancy benevolence and professionalism.


Perinatal and Genetic Counseling

The physicians at our OB-GYN are experts in assessing your need for perinatal and genetic counseling. Our doctors will consider what risk factors may be associated with your pregnancy such as your age, family history, ethnic background, and your drug and alcohol history. Your OB-GYN will discuss your options with you and equip you with the necessary knowledge you will need to make informed decisions.

Infertility Work up and Management

Infertility can be a long and arduous road to travel, but with the right obstetrics and gynecology physicians at your side, it can be that much easier. If you have been trying to have a baby and are experiencing difficulty conceiving, we will provide thorough examinations for possible causes and offer you relevant solutions to help you conceive.


This is an ultrasound-based diagnostic imaging technique used for visualizing internal organs and tissues as well as babies in vitro. The physicians at our obstetrics and gynecology center are able to make proper assessments of your care through the use of information collected from this safe, non-invasive, diagnostic tool. We use these tools to ensure the best care in obstetrics and gynecology for our patients.

Hysterosalpinogram (HSG)

This is an x-ray procedure we use at our OB-GYN office to examine your fallopian tubes and uterus. It provides a picture of the inner workings of your female reproductive system to detect the presence of any abnormalities such as blockages, endometrial polyps, and fibroids, as well as the shape and position of the uterus. This is yet, another tool that we use to provide you with the obstetrics and gynecology care that you need.

Whether you’re looking to conceive and need assistance or you’re looking for the best care for a healthy pregnancy, our obstetrics and gynecology center welcomes you with open arms. Ensure you’re getting the best care and let us help you with your reproductive health and pregnancy. Call today for an appointment with our OB-GYN.

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