The Road to Motherhood

The title of this blog should not be taken that the be-all and end-all of a woman’s life but as we are a OB GYN office, caring for the reproductive health of women, it is a part of our lives that deserve attention. When you are an adult woman it is important to take care of your reproductive health and undergo regular exams to ensure your continued health.This week we will focus on women in their 20s and the issues they commonly encounter.

Gynecological Exam

Most women should have their initial gynecological exam around the time of their first periods. The first years of regular visits can be a chance for a young woman to ask questions about her body, her burgeoning sexuality, and what her birth control options are. Starting at the age of 21, a Pap test is also recommended. This exam involves the gynecologist looking at and feeling your genitals to make sure everything is healthy and normal. There will also be a small scraping of cervical cells taken to make sure the cells show now signs of precancerous growth. There is also an exam of your breasts to feel for unusual masses.

Monthly Breast Exams

Be sure to do your monthly breast exams, even when you are young. It is good to know what your breasts feel like so you can feel even the smallest change. It’s a good idea to do your self-exam in the shower, the week after your period ends so that there are not hormonal lumps and bumps to feel. Women of any age can develop breast cancer so do you exams even in your teens and 20s.


Effects of Good Habits

How you treat your body in your 20’s will reverberate in your body in the coming decades. Your reproductive health is affected by your overall health and it is important to safeguard it if you want to have children later on. Everything from the makeup you use to the amount of sleep you get takes its toll on your body. Thinking you can get away with smoking and drinking to excess in your twenties and your body will recover is a youthful fancy. Cigarette smoke changes your DNA in ways that scientists are only beginning to understand and alcohol affects your brain, your liver and you skin. You get just one body and it is important to take care of it. On that note, it is also imperative that you practice safe sex to ensure your long term health.

Motherhood vs Child Free

Many women are choosing to not have children these days. While the number of women who choose to be childfree is down to 15 percent, from a high of 20 percent in 2006, it is still an option women choose. Modern medical advances give women the power to have children or not and since, as Ruth Bader Ginsburg stated, “The decision or not to bear a child is central to a woman’s life, her well being, and her dignity.” it does play a pivotal role in our lives. As your OB GYN in Hollywood, Florida, we are here to support your decisions, whatever they be, and we are here to advise you. If you want to find out more about your birth control options, call today and make an appointment with your Hollywood, FL OB GYN

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