What is a Mammogram?

A mammogram is essentially just an x-ray of the breast tissue.
Irregularities in tissue density show up in an x-ray and can be used for early detection of breast cancer.

What is involved in getting a mammogram?


Does it hurt?

Well, it’s not comfortable, but taking an over the counter pain relief medication before your appointment goes a long way to helping.
The breast tissue will be flattened by the machine to get the best image.
Several angles are needed for proper diagnosis, so expect to turn so that your doctor can get a series of images.

At what age should I start?

Do certain risk factors mean I should start getting them earlier?

What risk factors increase the likelihood of getting breast cancer

According to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, currently known risk factors include the following:

For a full list, visit the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

If I don’t have risk factors, do I still need to get a mammogram?

For more answers, call and make an appointment with a gynecologist at Women to Women OB-GYN Care.

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