Having access to birth control that is healthy and reversible is nothing short of a modern medical miracle. Being able to choose the right time for you and your family to add a new life is a great thing. The timing is different for every woman, and this personal choice is important and is affected by the type of birth control you’ve been using.

No Waiting to Get Pregnant

There are some types of birth control that enable you to get pregnant immediately after you stop using it. This category includes methods that physically interrupt the fertilization of an available egg. Abstinence, the pull-out method, and  barrier methods, like condoms and diaphragms, do nothing to change your hormones, so you can get pregnant as soon as you stop using them.

A Little Waiting to Get Pregnant

As any woman who has accidentally gotten pregnant after missing a few days of her birth control pill can tell you, the birth control pills stop conception only so long as you are taking them. Doctors recommend you wait a full month after stopping the birth control pill to try to conceive, but this is more for accurate due date calculation than any thing to do with your health or the health of your baby-to-be. This short waiting period is also recommended when stopping the use of IUD’s

More Waiting to Get PRegnant

The main form of birth control that requires waiting is Depo-provera. A minimum of four months is needed to return your body to a fertile state, but for some women, it may be up to two years; though, between four and 10 months is average.

If you are stopping your birth control in order to get pregnant, start taking your folic acid and call Women to Women for a check up.

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