As you enter the final trimester of your pregnancy you will hear more and more about birth plans. If you are having your first child, this may sound like the mysterious key to a joyful birthing experience. Women to Women in Hollywood FL offers OB/GYN services to the community here, offering services to English, Spanish, and Russian speakers. One important part of what we do is educate women about their options. This week we will focus on birth plans.

What is Birth Plan?

A birth plan is a list of your preferences for your labor and delivery. This can include general items like what kind of music you’d like to what positions you want to try to deliver your baby in to specifics on what type of interventions you would prefer use or to avoid.

It’s a Guideline

It is important to remember that a birth plan should be a list of preferences. It can be easy to make the mistake that what you put in your birth plan is what will definitely happen in the L&D department at the hospital, or during your home birth. You need to trust your nurses and doctors and know that they have the safety of your baby, as well as your health, as their priorities. A situation may arise where safety wins out over preference. One example of this is when the father wants to cut the umbilical cord, but it is wrapped around the baby’s neck and needs to be cut as quickly as possible so that it does not harm the baby.

Labor Preferences

How you go through labor can be shaped by your preferences.

Delivery Options

After the Birth


These are just a few of the items that a birth plan can contain. One of the greatest things about making your birth plan is it gives you a chance to research and educate yourself about all the options that a woman has during labor and delivery. If you have questions about your labor and delivery, call Women to Women today for an appointment.

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