Being pregnant, especially the very first time, is quite the adventure. Your body does thing you never expected, and you experience sensations you never imagined. And that’s before the actual delivery even happens! For some reason, many women find it hard to ask questions about all the things they really wonder about in the months leading up to their due date. Sometimes the questions may seem embarrassing but it’s important to know that there’s absolutely nothing that’s off limits to discuss with your gynecologist here at Women To Women.

Still, in the hopes of preventing you from staying up late to Google your questions, here are some answers to things many women wonder but few ask about.

1. Will I poop while giving birth?

We’ve all heard it, whether from our own mothers or from friends who’ve already given birth. “You’re going to poop on the delivery table in front of everyone and there’s nothing you can do to stop it!” This inevitability often terrifies first time mothers, who spend their entire labor experience worrying about whether they’re going to do something embarrassing and gross in front of their birthing team. The truth of the matter is, yes, it’s possible that childbirth could put pressure on your rectum. And yes, if there’s currently feces in the rectum, it could escape while pushing. This is completely normal and more importantly, completely beyond your control. Doctors and nurses expect this and definitely focused on other things.

2. Will having a child stretch out my vagina?

The vagina is built to stretch, that’s what makes it possible to accommodate a penis and or sex toys. Although nothing quite compares to bringing a baby into the world, your vagina will indeed be able to return to its previous size after giving birth.

3. Will I be incontinent after giving birth?

It’s true that giving birth can decrease bladder control, especially right before and right after giving birth. However, this condition tends to gradually fade as time goes by. If you’re worried about incontinence being a problem, kegel exercises can help. However, if incontinence continues for longer than three months, it should be discussed with your gynecologist.

4. Isn’t it unsafe to have sex while I’m pregnant?

This issue can be a point of contention in couples during pregnancy. Many dads-to-be are incredibly anxious about having typical intercourse for fear that they’ll hurt the baby.  However, this is a myth in most cases. “Sex during pregnancy is extremely safe for most women with uncomplicated, low-risk pregnancies,” Dayna Salasche, MD, an associate professor of obstetrics/gynecology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, told WebMD. “Some people feel like they enjoy sex during pregnancy more and others enjoy it less.”

5. Am I gaining too much weight?

The amount of weight that’s appropriate to gain during childbirth varies from person to person. It’s important to ask your doctor what they think of the weight you’ve gained at regular points during your pregnancy, and for tips on how to keep it healthy.

Want answers to more questions about your pregnancy? The gynecologists at Women to Women are always willing to talk about anything that’s on your mind!

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